SDLCforms Agile 30-Day Sprint Backlog - Capacity
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The 30-day Sprint Backlog contains the output of a sprint planning meeting. It contains a list of tasks that the Scrum team needs to complete during the sprint in order to convert a selected set of product backlog items into deliverable functionality within a period of 30 days.

The 30-day Sprint Backlog contains identification of the various sprints, and capacity for an elapsed period of 30 days.

The spreadsheet consists of three sheets: 1) a 30-day sprint backlog table, 2) a capacity sheet, and 3) an instruction sheet providing instructions for updating the tables.

Formulas: Formulas are embedded in the chart to calculate:

Remaining Time for Work Item Each Day = Max (all previous Spent entries).
Day Totals - total of Spent and Remain columns.

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