Agile Risk Management Register
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Purpose: The Risk Management Register template provides a vehicle for recording potential risks on a project, by recording, as a minimum, a brief explanation of the risk, the proposed mitigating strategy, the probability of the risk, size of loss (in days), and risk exposure (in days), actions needed to resolve the risk, and the current status.

It is imperative that the Agile Risk Management framework is made available to the entire team to ensure that all team members are constantly on alert about these potential risks. At every sprint meeting, the Register must be reviewed and updated with new information obtained over the life of the sprint.

The Risk Management Register contains the following data elements:

Risk This brief explanation of the risk should be clearly understood by all team members.
Mitigation Strategy How does the team propose to mitigate the risk?
Date Identified The originating date.
Owner What department/person owns the risk? Who is responsible to manage, control and take action in response to the risk?
Probability of Risk Generally, this is stated as a percentage from 1% to 100%.
Size of Loss The size of the loss is measured in days.
Risk Exposure The risk exposure is measured in days.
Action to Manage Risk What actions are underway to minimize or eliminate the risk?
Current Status Suggested statuses = "Open," "Closed," or "Under Review."

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