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Purpose: Generally, the Sprint Backlog Status as an output of the Sprint Planning & Meeting Schedule to define the work that remains on the project. The sprint backlog contains many things not identified on the Product Backlog including specific tasks that have been decomposed from the accepted user stories.

Two versions of the Sprint Backlog Status are provided in the package - either the previous version in Excel or this version in Visio, as this Visio version facilitates ease of "drag and drop" to move/copy objects within the document.

This document can be used to identify only those tasks that are necessary within a single sprint or, if your preference, a complete status of all sprints.

The following data elements are provided in the Sprint Backlog Status:

  Sprint identification
  Product Backlog item (Theme or Epic)
  Tasks (To Do, Development, Verify, Done)
  Remaining work in Hours.

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