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Purpose: A Sprint Burn-Up Chart is a graph that shows the progress of work toward a goal line associated with a value on the vertical axis.

In the simplest form of burn up chart there are two lines on the chart:

    1. A total work line (the project scope line)
    2. A work completed line

As work is completed over time (the horizontal axis), the progress line moves up (burns up) to be nearer to the desired completion line. We can show projected outcomes on burn-up charts by calculating a trend line to see when work might be completed.

These charts can allow you to instantly identify certain types of problems, such as scope creep or a deviation from the planned project path. These problems can then be discussed and corrective action can be taken at an early stage, rather than when it is too late.

The vertical axis is amount of work, and is measured in units customized to your own project. Some common units are number of tasks, estimated hours or story points (in Agile project management methodologies). The horizontal axis is time, usually measured in days.

The Sprint Burn-Up Chart contains entries which permit the generation of the two lines:

  Total Stories to be completed
  Number of stories completed.

Data Grid: The data grid is constructed as a table, which means whenever you update the table by adding or deleting rows or columns or simply changing the values in the table, the graph will be automatically updated.

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