SDLCforms Agile Sprint Burndown Chart
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Purpose: The Sprint Burndown Chart displays the remaining effort for a given period of time. Work remaining is the Y axis and working days is the X axis. When the x and y axis coincide, the work is complete.

When tracking product development using the Burndown Chart, teams can use a Sprint Burndown Chart and a Release Burndown Chart.

The Sprint Burndown Chart consists of the following data elements:

Product Backlog Item (PBI)
Status (To Do, In-Progress, Closed)
Original Estimate of time
An array of 10 days by which work effort each day will reduce the time remaining
Sprint Review.

Data Grid: The data grid is constructed as a table, which means whenever you update the table by adding or deleting rows or columns or simply changing values in the table, the graph is automatically updated.

Formulas: Formulas are embedded in the chart to calculate:
- Time remaining each day after each previous work effort.
- Total work accomplished for each day.

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