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This template takes a systems approach to information system analysis and design. It uses the sequential software development process where progress flows from the top to the bottom, like a waterfall through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, and Testing. The initial stages provide a validation to the project whereby costly errors and poor design are detected in the early stages reducing rework and costs downstream.

A successful delivery includes meeting or beating budget estimates, timelines, or exceeding standards of quality, and achieving the highest level of overall customer satisfaction. Management is also responsible for continuously defining and monitoring project assumptions, communicating task deliverables and status, and managing project variables, namely scope, budget and timeline.

The Application Development Project List template contains the following topics:

Overview of system, infrastructure, and software
Design assumptions and support considerations
Summary of changes from inception
Business and application impact
Current software architecture
Proposed software architecture
Security and audit considerations
Architecture design
Interface design
Design, development, and integration
Application layer information
Implementation and software execution
Infrastructure impact
Future improvements

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