Building Test Scenarios
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Testing scenarios are hypothetical stories used to assist an individual to think through a complex problem or system. Scenarios are useful for surfacing requirements-related controversies, and to relate to those documented requirements.

The Building Test Scenarios template (also known as the software testing scenarios template) contains the following topics:

    Difference between a test case and a test scenario
    The ideal test scenario
    Why use test scenarios?
    12 ways to create good test scenarios
    Filling in a typical test scenario.

A typical test scenario requires the following entries:

    Version #
    Build #
    Test Scenario ID
    Process ID
    Machine tested on
    Test scenario description
    Objective of the scenario
    Assumptions and constraints
    Identification of any test files or test data
    The last date modified
    Reviewer's name and date
    Executor's name and date
    Test steps.

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