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The Business Case Document template identifies whether there is a potential business value to the proposed project. The Business Case Document commences with a detailed explanation of the business need, issue or problem and how it will be addressed and supported.

Information includes quantitative and qualitative benefits, risks, requirements, procurement, lifecycle costs, schedule, quality, social, and environmental issues.

It also includes other information such as financial gains, cost savings, potential market share, increased usability, and productivity that would help to determine program or project approval.

The Business Case Document, in conjuncture with the Project Charter, is often used to present a case to executive management to determine whether a project will be evaluated in more depth to determine its immediate applicability for development or initiative before the organization commits time, resources and expenditures.

The Following sections are provided in the document:

General Information
    Request Number
    IT Sponsor
    Project Description

Recommendations and Alternatives
    Critical Success Factors
    Additional Comments

Costs and Resources
    High Level Cost Estimate
    Related Projects
    Key Milestones

Authorization to proceed by stakeholders.

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