Business Requirements Document (BRD)
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The Business Requirements Document template defines the general business and different levels of requirements, including the business, end user requirements, problems or issues, project information, process information, training, and documentation requirements.

The most common objectives of the Business Specification Document template are to:

    Gain acceptance of these requirements from all stakeholders
    Provide a foundation to communicate how the solution will satisfy the customer's business needs
    Provide input into the next phase of the project
    Describe, in both an overall perspective and through functional requirements, how the customer's needs will be met by the solution.

The BRD can be perceived as the most important document within the SDLC process, as unless it is clearly defined in easily understood business terms, major project schedule and budget increases will rapidly occur.

The Business Requirements Document (BRD) contains the following topics:

Project Information
    Project Description
    Project Approach
    Goals, Objectives and Scope
    Business Drivers
    Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints
    Delivery Dates
Process Information
    Current Processes
    New Processes or Future Enhancements
Requirements Information
    High-Level Business Requirements
    System Interfaces
    Infrastructure Requirements
Other Requirements Information
    Product, Organizational, System and External Requirements
    Usability, Performance, Operations, and Maintenance Requirements
    Content/Data/Sample Report Requirements
    Screen Requirements
    Training and Documentation Requirements

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