Conversion Plan
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Describes the strategies involved in the conversion of a system or application.

This software Conversion Plan describes the overall approach, assumptions, and processes that will be used in the data conversion. It includes an inventory and cross reference of source and target data elements, schema, metadata and all self-describing files; process for data extraction, transformation and loading for each data source; tools needed to execute the conversion; and strategy for data quality assurance and control.

The software Conversion Plan Checklist is implemented as follows:

The conversion team uses this document to communicate to the client the strategy for successfully converting a system to another system.
The conversion team uses this document as a roadmap for performing the conversion. All members of the team, both the project team and stakeholders, should understand and follow the same strategy.
The project manager uses this document to understand how the conversion team plans to perform the conversion, and how the conversion effort may impact the overall project.

The Conversion Plan contains the following topics:

    Purpose and Scope
    Referenced Documentation
Conversion Information
    System Overview
    System Conversion Overview
    Conversion Description
    Types of Conversion
          Conversion Strategy
          Conversion Risk Factors
    Conversion Tasks
          Conversion Planning
          Pre-Conversion Plans
          Major Tasks and Procedures
    Conversion Schedule
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