Database Design Document
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The Database Design Document maps the logical data model to the target database management system with consideration to the system's performance requirements. The Database Design converts logical or conceptual data constructs to physical storage constructs (e.g., tables, files) of the target Database Management System (DBMS.

This Database Design template contains the following topics:

Document objectives
Intended audience
Key personnel
Data owners
Assumptions, constraints and dependencies
System Overview
      Database management system configuration
      Database software utilities
      Support software
      Hardware architecture
      Software architecture

Database-Wide design decisions
      Key factors influencing design
      DBMS platform
      Security and availability
      Backup and restore operations
Database administrative functions
      Database identification
      Applications / systems using the database
      Relationships to other databases
      Schema information
      Physical design
      Physical structure
      Entity mapping
      Mapping rules
      Operational implications
      Data transfer requirements
      Data formats
      Business rules
      Backup and recovery
Detailed database design
      Data software objects and resultant data structures
      Database management system files
Reporting requirements.

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