Example of Microsoft Word Improvement Process

Below is an example of a Word document created in a typical office environment, and the improvements that can be incorporated into that form to present a professional appearance and to improve efficiency for users and potential customers.

"Before" Form

The "Before" form represents a typical document created without the advantage of the many features available in Microsoft Word. It does not convey an image of a professional company, plus it is difficult for any user to "fill in." The "fill in" process requires that a user find each blank "line" and erase it to type in the desired entry.

Another problem is users can mistakenly write over the text that identifies each field.

"After" Form

The "After" form contains the same data elements, except that a number of factors have been included in the design of the form:

1) the form has been designed using an underlying table; 2) graphics including the company logo were incorporated; 3) the form was created as a Word "Form," which only permits the user to tab from one field to another to type in the desired data. The user cannot write over any of the text that identifies each field.