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This IT Feasibility Study document contains business and technical information and cost data to determine the economic potential and practicality (i.e., feasibility) of a project using techniques that help evaluate a project and/or compare it with other projects, by answering the following questions:

How difficult will it be to build and whether the firm has enough experience using a specific technology, and whether the new system will perform adequately?
How much time is available to build the new system, when can it be built, whether it interferes with normal business operations type and amount of resources required, etc?
What are the contingencies and mitigation plans if the project takes too long to implement or does not work?
Are there any environmental factors that need to be considered or will the company's own culture clash with the results of the project?
Are there sufficient human resources available for project development and after it goes live? Do current work practices and procedures support a new system?
Will the cost/benefit analysis determine the true expected benefits and savings and lead to the next step; a decision to design and implement the system?

The Feasibility Study template consists of the following topics:

Introduction, Purpose, Objectives, and Scope
System Overview and Background
System, Plant or Operational Details
Current Systems and Processes
Current Operations
Physical Environment
User Organization
Deliverables and End Products
Analysis, Solutions and Alternatives

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