Installation Planning Guide
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This installation planning template provides information for the installation of the system, application or data, including installation strategy, planning and risk factors, and security.

An Installation Planning Guide document is an essential document when the installation process is sufficiently complex to require a documented plan. Key elements of the plan often encompass the installation strategy, risk factors, schedule, information about files and scripts, backup and recovery procedures, hardware, software and network inventory, and especially the tasks and procedures that must be executed to ensure a successful installation.

The Installation Planning Guide contains the following topics:

    Key Stakeholders and Points of Contact.
Installation Information
    System Overview
    Installation Overview
    Installation Risk Factors
    Pre-Installation Plans and Requirements
    Installation Schedule.
Installation Instructions
    Major Phases
    Tasks and Procedures
    Backup Procedures
    Rollback and Recovery Procedures
    Change Control Procedures.
Installation Support
    Hardware Inventory
    Software inventory
    Network Inventory

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