Managing Scope and Requirements
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This Scope and Requirements template provides a checklist of numerous topics to help manage the scope and requirements of a project. The list works to gain customer agreement and avoid scope creep that pushes out project completion and project costs.

Managing the project scope, requirements, and meeting customer expectations are major factors in the success of a project. Poor scope definition, stakeholder analysis, and weak sponsorship could lead to costly and untimely project failure.

This project scope requirements template helps you to manage project scope and requirements, e.g.,

Identify project stakeholders
Ensure the requirements are documented
Obtain commitment on deliverables, schedules and resources
Handle changes to the project scope
Acquire early agreement on project scope to avoid scope creep
Foresee and manage risks
Attain greater customer satisfaction and effective execution.

The Managing Scope and Requirements Checklist contains the following topics:

  Product or system overview
  Reason for application, system or project
  Assumptions, dependencies and constraints
  List of stakeholders
  Scope/Requirements checklist.

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