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The Modification Change/Request Request template is used to review system / application modification requests to evaluate and approve technically sound and secure "changes" to the production environment and to limit potential impact to business capabilities and/or IT operational capacity, architecture, infrastructure, compliance, and schedules.

The Modification Change/Request provides information to request and justify a modification (change) request. The request is a document containing a call for an adjustment of a system; it is a major part of the change management process. It states what needs to be accomplished, but not how the change should be carried out.

Change requests are typically requested for the following reasons:

Problem reports that identify bugs that must be fixed.
System enhancement requests from users.
Events in the development of other systems.
Changes in the underlying structure and/or standards (e.g., a new operating system).
Senior management requests.

This change control process document contains the following topics:

Reason for the Change
Project Impacts
    Estimated Schedule Impacts
    Breakdown of Estimated Hours and/or Costs
    Capital / Expense Worksheet

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