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Upon completion of a project, good practice is to assess how you did on the project, in conjunction with a Lesson Learned Report. General question are asked of the stakeholders and to determine how well you performed against the project schedule and budget. This survey will assist the PMO in gathering project sponsors and team members' thoughts and perspectives on the project.

The Post Project Review template (also known as the post project evaluation report) can be utilized as a standalone document or in conjunction with the Post Project Survey Questionnaire, which provides the ability to gather responses from all stakeholders prior to holding a meeting to answer the issues raised in this document.

This Post Project Review document contains 10 sections that record answers about the following topics:

General project Issues
Project Communications
Scheduling and Estimating
    Project phase schedules and actual completion dates
Design and Implementation
Test Processes
Training and Documentation
General process Questions
Project Costs
Project cost items budgets vs. actuals
Approval section.

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