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This Microsoft Project Plan template (.mpp file) establishes both project execution and project control. It shows when and how a project's objectives are to be achieved by depicting and statusing the major products, milestones, activities and resources required on the project.

The Project Plan template uses all of the capabilities provided within Microsoft's Project software to provide that maximum degree of control over your project. The Project Plan includes all facets of SDLC staging which you can quickly modify to conform to your project.

The project plan is created by the project manager based on input from the various members of the project team and the stakeholders. The plan must be reviewed and agreed upon by at least the project team and all stakeholders.

This project plan document has been pre-filled with all of the tasks associated with the eight SDLC phases from Project Concept/Initiation to Project Closure/Maintenance to minimize updates specific to your project.

The plan is structured within the following phases:

  Project Concept / Initiation
  Project Planning
  Requirements Definition
  System Design
  System Development
  Testing and Acceptance
  Production Turnover / Deployment
  Project Closure / Maintenance

Microsoft Project features that have been integrated into Documentation Consultant's version of the Plan include the following:

Tasks Task Name, Duration, Percent Complete, Priority, Start Date, Finish Date
Predecessors ID, Task Name, Type Lag
Resources Resource Name, Units -
The personnel resources you identify are displayed graphically for visual assessment.
Constraints Deadline, Constraint Type, Constraint Date, WBS Code, Earned Value Method

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