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The Report Design Template provides numerous topics to fill in detailed business and technical information for the design and development of a report.

Within the document you can explain the purpose of the report, the development reason, and the report details, including the intended audience, who can run the report, frequency, report input parameters (parameter, input data type, and text input), report fields (field name, description, database or table source, calculated field, the formulas and or functions), group field information, sort order, page header and footer contents.

This report design specification contains the following topics:

The application or product name
The product or system overview
The reason for the redesign or new product development
Report name and development reason for content of report
Frequency of report and security/accessibility
Where is the report run from?
Any assumptions, dependencies or constraints on the design.

The following parameters are identified for the report:

  List of stakeholders
  Security restrictions.

The template provides easy-to-fill tables to define the following parameters for each report:

Input parameters Input data types & specific text to appear on report
Calculations Define any calculations or formulas
Report fields on report   Description
  Database of table data derived from
  Field result based on calculation
  Describe formula or calculation

Group field information   Description of grouping
  Print group name in header/footer?

Sort order information   Report sort fields
  Description of sort fields
  How is sort performed?

Report and Page header and footer Description of report and page headers and footers
Report sample Provide sample of report format

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