Risk Management Register
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The Risk Management Register template is a management tool that identifies, assesses, and records recommended actions that management must take to alleviate the risk potential down to acceptable levels.

The register provides a framework in which potential problems that threaten the delivery of the anticipated benefits of a system or application are recorded.

This project risk management register document contains the following topics:

Initial Risk Information
      Risk Description / Risk Event Statement
      Responsibility for the risk
      Date reported and date updated
Risk Assessment Data
      Impact (High / Medium / Low)
      Specific impact of risk
      Probability of occurrence (High / Medium / Low)
      Timeline (Near term / Medium / Far Term)
      Status of response
          Plan developed but not enacted
          Plan enacted but effect not determined
          Plan enacted and effective
Risk Response / Action
      Completed action
      Planned future actions
      Risk status.

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