Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
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The Roles and Responsibilities Matrix template displays key project activities and details the responsibilities for each individual or role across every functional department. The matrix can optionally be created in a table or spreadsheet from within the document.

Projects come in different sizes and there are different ways and requirements on how people are organized. Multiple matrices are provided to help fill that need in this RACI matrix template.

Small Projects: Minimal organizational structure is generally needed.
Large projects: Many people are involved. It is important that people understand what they are expected to do, what role they are expected to fill, and the approval process.
Responsibility Matrix: This technique is used to define the general responsibilities for each project role (i.e., who does what), communicates the roles to the team, and ensures people know what is expected from them.

The Roles and Responsibilities Matrix contains the following topics:

    Setting Up a Responsibility Matrix
    Sample Matrix Roles and Responsibilities Description
    Roles and Responsibility Matrix
    Standard Roles and Responsibility Matrix
    RACI Roles and Responsibility Matrix.

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