Root Cause Analysis
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This Root Cause Analysis template identifies the root cause of a problem and the recommendations for a solution, including the date the problem was encountered, summary of the problem, duration of the problem, impacted business units and applications, and the recommended action and follow-up.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is applied to methodically identify and correct the root causes of events, rather than to simply address the symptomatic result. Focusing correction on root causes has the goal of entirely preventing problem recurrence. Conversely, RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis) recognizes that complete prevention of recurrence by one corrective action is not always possible.

The Root Cause Analysis contains the following topics:

    Date Problem Occurred
    Summary of Problem
    Duration of Problem
    Impact of Problem
    Business Units / Sites / Departments Impacted
    Applications(s) Impacted
    Sequence of Events
    Recommended Action Items.

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