System Administration Guide
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The System Administration Guide template provides procedures and information to administer and maintain the system, product or application, and includes an overview, data assets, processing, server and database administration, and backup instructions.

As opposed to the Software User Guide, the System Administration Guide is targeted at a technical audience, generally for Infrastructure or technical support personnel.

The System Administration Guide helps you develop a technical communication document, to administer a software application or IT system. Most system administration guides use both simple and technical language with short sentences and contain both a written guide and associated images or screenshots of how the program should look, feel, and run.

The guide includes, for example, information on how to start and stop the system, trouble shoot unexpected shutdowns, system operations, user accounts and security, administration tasks, user and technical configurations, managing transaction logs and repository space, make and restore backups, use utility commands, interface with other systems, etc.

This software system administration guide document contains the following topics:

    Referenced Documentation
General System Information
    Data Assets
        - Facilities
        - Hardware Inventory
        - Software Inventory
        - Network Inventory
Administration and Maintenance
    Server Administration
    Account Administration
    System & Software Administration and Maintenance
    Database Administration and Maintenance

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