System Test Plan
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The System Test Plan template documents all system requirements denoted in the requirements, specifications, and design documentation to plan and execute unit, system and integration tests that ensure a high level of compliance.

A system test plan is a systematic approach to testing a system. This template helps document the strategy that will be used to verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. The test plan documents the major elements of a test strategy that should be described in the test plan: Test Approach, Coverage, Environment, Methods, and Responsibilities.

The System Test Plan document contains the following topics:

Purpose for Project
    Reference Documents
System Test Description
    Test Goals and Objectives
    Test Entrance and Exit Criteria
        Entrance Criteria
        Exit Criteria.
System Test Approach
    Scope of System Testing
        Test Categories
    Risk Assessment.
Test Environment
Test Plan Schedule
Testing Matrix
    Assumptions, Pre-Conditions, Risks
    Test Instructions
    Test Completion Summary
    Associated Defects.

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