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The Use Case Template defines the business requirements for the project using a use case methodology, and includes problems or issues to be resolved, objectives or goals, solution to be implemented, and why the solution is being implemented.

This template provides information to prepare a use case requirement document. A use case describes "who" can do "what" with the system. The use case technique is used to capture a system's behavioral requirements by detailing scenario-driven situations through the functional requirements.

Use cases, stated simply, allow description of sequences of events that lead to a system doing something useful. Each use case describes how the actor (i.e., initiator of the interaction) will interact with the system to achieve a specific goal. One or more scenarios may be generated from a use case toward achieving the goal.

This business use case template contains the following topics:

Purpose for Project
Project Information
    Project Approach
    Goals, Objectives and Scope
    Business Drivers
    Assumptions, Dependencies and Constraints
Process Information
Requirements Information
    High-Level Business Requirements
    System Interfaces
    Infrastructure Requirements.
Use Case Specifications
    Simplified Method
    Traditional Method
    Sample Template
    Product, Organizational, System and External Requirements
    Usability, Performance, Operations & Maintenance
    Content / Data / Sample Report Requirements
    Screen Requirements
    Training and Documentation Requirements.

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