User Acceptance Test Plan
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The User Acceptance Test Plan template provides management an overview of the system, applications, functions and features that are to be tested in the UAT test plan template process. The plan and tests provide guidance to the management, staff and business owners that the application works as expected.

User Acceptance Testing is that phase of software development in which the software, which previously should have undergone both system and "Alpha" testing, is tested from the viewpoint of the targeted audience or business representation.

Utilization of the UAT accomplishes many goals, but most importantly, it measures the quality of the application being tested. Several factors contribute to the importance of making UAT testing absolutely mandatory for any software development effort, including the following:

Reducing the cost of developing the application. Minimal savings that might occur in the early stages of the development cycle by delaying testing efforts are almost certainly bound to increase development costs later.
Ensuring that the application behaves exactly as expected. For the vast majority of programs, unpredictability is the least desirable consequence of using an application.
Reducing the total cost of ownership. By providing software that looks and behaves as shown in your documentation, your customers require fewer hours of training and less support from product experts.
Developing loyalty and word-of-mouth market share. Finding success with a program that offers the kind of quality that only thorough testing can provide is much easier than trying to build a customer base on defect-riddled code.

This user acceptance testing checklist contains the following topics:

    Reference Documents
User Acceptance Test Description
    Test Goals and Objectives
    Test Entrance and Exit Criteria
        Entrance Criteria
        Exit Criteria
    Test Deliverables
UAT Test Approach
    Scope of UAT Testing
    Test Categories
    Risks, Dependencies, Assumptions and Constraints
Functional Testing
    Functionality Included
    Functionality Excluded
Test Environment
Test Plan Schedule
    Roles and Responsibilities

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