User Interface Design Template
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The User Interface Design Template provides a vehicle to document all of the parameters that are necessary to define a screen design or redesign prior to the start of any programming activities.

Within the document you can define the screen details (names, screen description, major purpose/function, etc.), tab design, definition of each field, action/command buttons, any special rules, actions, formats, color schemes, popup and error messages, and navigation rules.

This UI Design Template contains the following topics:

The application or product name
The product or system overview
The reason for the redesign or new product development
The screen name and processing to be performed by the screen
Any assumptions, dependencies or constraints on the design
List of stakeholders
Security restrictions.

The following parameters are identified for each screen design:

Field Type Field type and name
Data Type Data types
Length Associated functions and processes
Calculations Define any calculations or formulas
Display Only Fields Define the databases and tables to be utilized
Dropdown/List Boxes Define all dropdown, list or combo boxes
Field navigation Field tab sequence
Default Data Identify special or unique processes, functions, fields or actions
Font name and style Font name and regular, bold, bold italic or italic
Font color and size Define color code and point size
Rules Any special rules governing development
Buttons Define all command or action buttons
Pop-up messages Define action and content of popup messages
Formats Date and time formats
Events Define next event to occur

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