Website Planning Checklist
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The Website Planning Checklist template provides a checklist of numerous topics to consider when designing and developing a new website.

This Website Development Checklist document provides information to help you focus on what you want to achieve by having a web site. It helps you avoid spinning your wheels or spending money on services you don't need, list the capabilities you want the site to have, and consider the cost factors associated with those capabilities. Your answers will help determine if the plan, design, and costs will justify the results.

This Website Design Checklist contains the following topics:

Purpose and Introduction
Planning Checklist:
    Audience Analysis
    Audience Profile
    Strategy - Competitor Analysis
    Strategy - Determine your approach
    Site content
    Advertising and maintenance
    Site structure
    Organizing your information
    Text headings and in-text links
    Visual design and layout
    Creating images
    User interface design techniques

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