Agile Project Charter
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The Agile Project Charter template is developed early in the project lifecycle and clearly sets the stage by aligning the team and stakeholders by setting goals and expectations. In most cases, the Project Charter, in con junction with the Vision Statement, is the vehicle provided to the project sponsors as a part of the approval process.

From a project management perspective, the Agile Charter:

Establishes the vision state for the project
Defines key goals and requirements
Captures and sets customer expectations
Defines project participants and their roles
Defines limits and constraints
Establishes all resource needs and overall cost targets
Creates a high level view to the WBS and schedule
Initiates negotiation and tradeoff
Ultimately defines success.

It is generally accepted that the desired intent is to limit the document to one page; however, as necessity arises, it may be necessary to provide the data on two pages.

The Project Charter consists of the following data elements:

Product Vision
Mission Statement
Captures and sets customer expectations
Success Criteria
Target Objectives
Key Deliverables
Team Members
Assumptions and Constraints
Risks and Issues.

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