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The purpose of an Agile Project Data Sheet (PDS) is in terms of scope, schedule and resources, how a project will deliver on a Vision Statement, and is a single summary of key business and quality objectives, product capabilities, and project management information. It is a simple document with a powerful impact whose condensed format appeals to the entire project community and constantly reminds them of the strategic aspects of the project.

The Agile Project Data Sheet template is an integral part in the evolution of a project plan. While the Vision Statement is an expansive view of what the product could become, the Vision Statement limits product development to the current scope, schedule and cost constraints.

The Agile PDS template contains the following data elements:

Project Manager Identify the Project Manager.
Product Manager This is the product owner.
Executive Sponsor Who sponsors the project and has the responsibility for the project plan and constraints.
Project Start Date When did the project start?
Clients List key clients and customers.
Client Benefits Identify the major b benefits the client has identified as the goals of the project.
Project Objective Statement Provide a short and concise that identifies scope, schedule and cost information.
Performance Attributes Identify performance and quality aspects of the product.
Trade-Off Matrix For Scope, Schedule, Resources and Stability, identify whether the trade-off value of each is Fixed, Flexible or Accept. In addition, identify the target for each element.
Product Architecture Provide a high level overview of the proposed product architecture (e.g., Windows 10, SQL Server. HTML, CSS, .NET, etc.)

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