Development Estimating Worksheet
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This software Development Estimating Worksheet template (Excel) spreadsheet provides the opportunity to estimate development costs for prototyping, user interfaces, reports, databases, tables, objects, and integration / jobs.

This software development estimating worksheet template consists of two sheets: Development Estimating Worksheet and a Server Pricing Calculator.

The Development Estimating Worksheet provides formulas to calculate the following values:

Estimation Topics
    User Interface / Reports
    Integration / Jobs
    Conversion / Migration
    Configuration / Setup
    Documentation & Discovery
    Miscellaneous Tasks.

Calculate Total Development Costs

Software and Licensing Costs
Software and Licensing Costs

Ongoing Support Costs
Ongoing Support Costs

Summary Total Costs
Summary Total Costs

Servers Pricing Calculator

The Servers Pricing Calculator provides formulas to calculate the following types of server costs:

    Windows Servers (base server)
    Microsoft Active Directory Servers
    Microsoft IIS Servers
    Microsoft Exchange Servers
    Microsoft SQL Servers
    Oracle Database Servers.

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